Four Exercises Suitable for the Autumn

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Autumn is a good season for a workout outside. Someone may ask what kinds of activity is suitable for the autumn. Some daily activities are suitable for autumns, such as running, climbing, cycling and badminton. Do you wonder how to do these exercises can do more with less?  Come and learn about the autumn aerobics!


accurate fitness tracker When jogging, relax your whole body muscles. Breathing must be deep, slow and rhythmic. You can exhale in two steps and breathe in two steps or one exhale in three steps, one breathe in three steps. When jogging, it is best to take a deep breath in the abdomen, drum up the abdomen when inhaling, and adduct abdominal muscles when exhaling. When jogging, the pace should be brisk, and you should naturally swing your arms. It is good to run twenty to thirty minutes a day. Note that it is necessary to use the forefoot to touch the ground and fully exert the flexibility of the arch of the foot. It is very beneficial for the cushioning action and reduces the impact force when the ground is used. To stretch the back of the leg, use the cushioning force when the foot is on the ground, don’t be too fierce. This can make people feel that the feet are light and flexible, but also reduce the burden on the feet and prevent injuries.

Climbing the Mountain

workout and fitness tracker Although the mountain climbing exercise can speed up the body and accelerate the consumption of fat, the premise is that the mountain climbing posture should be correct: the front body is slightly tilted forward, the arms are naturally swung, and the whole foot is on the ground, and the stride must be small. When climbing a mountain, be sure to pay more attention to rest, don’t worry too much, add more water, make climbing easier.


fitness tracker cycling Try rhythm exercises. When you step on the pedal, do your best to evenly smooth the point, don’t jump on the seat, let the upper body stay relaxed. You can also try strength exercises, slow down the speed for most of the ride, and even talk while riding a bicycle. You can also practice interval, ride for five minutes at a faster speed, then relax for 10 minutes, then ride for 5 minutes. Changing the rhythm and intensity of the exercise can make the exercise process more interesting and feel the stimulation of different strengths.


fitness tracker and sports Friends who love indoor sports may wish to choose this type of fitness. Pay attention to prevent sports injuries during exercise. Straightening the waist keeps the muscles on both sides of the spine tight and protects the spine well, preventing the “blinking waist” when playing badminton. It is recommended to consciously force the tiptoe when warming up, or stand upright, the forefoot on the ground, or the forefoot in the ground. These actions can effectively stretch the Achilles tendon and avoid the Achilles tendon.