How to choose a fitness tracker and why do you need it ?

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Why do you need a fitness tracker?

The most important question of all. If you have a smartphone there are plenty of apps that will record your activities, often for free. Check out our list of the best fitness apps for running, cycling and workouts in case all your needs can be fulfilled without spending a penny.

How Much Do You Want To Spend?

fitness tracker 2019For other fitness trackers, price could be a great advantage of Lintelek fitness trackers. Other fitness trackers on the market cost $50 to $200 on the whole. However, Lintelek fitness trackers cost $20.88 to $37.99 while they have exactly the same functions. If you are an entry-level user or a buyer who wants to save a fortune on a fitness trackerLintelek fitness tracker is your best choice.

How Much Importance Do You Place On Looks?

fitness tracker for small wrist If you are a fashionista, and you attach great importance to Looks, I will recommend ID115Plus hr Color. The two-color strap is its highlight. At the same time, it has the most popular color screen in 2018.

If you value function more, ID130Plus hr will be a good choice. 14 Sports Modes make it your indispensable fitness assistant. 3 default exercise modes and an additional 11 exercise modes can be added.

Do You Need It To Be Waterproof?

Lintelek has 2 waterproof levels, IP67 waterproof and IP68 waterproof. What’s the difference? I did a little research for you.

fitness tracker gymIP67 means the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour, while IP68 guarantees protection in water up to 1.5m deep for the same period of time. Both are resistant to dust.

So if you want to wear your fitness tracker during swimming, you’ll need one with IP68 waterproof. ID130Plus hr color is IP68 waterproof with good sales. Yet, as far as I know, There’s no Lintelek fitness tracker has swimming mode. So that could be a small flaw.

Do You Want To Track Your Heart Rate?

fitness tracker LintelekHeart rate monitor is an important function of a fitness tracker. Decent heart-rate monitoring was once confined to the priciest fitness trackers but can now be found in even mid-range wrist trackers and cheaper devices that you wear on the chest or temple, and it’s a key feature for those keen on HIIT workouts in particular. If you are looking for one with heart rate monitor, I think ID115Plus hr is a good one. It’s also the best seller of Lintelek, ranking at around #200 in Sports&Outdoor.

Wearable technology has become a trend. Whether you are a trend chaser or a bodybuilding talent, a fitness tracker is a good assistant for you. Get one now and don’t be left behind. If you want to see more fitness products of Lintelek, you can click this link.