Feeling Sick The Day After Working Out?

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Fever is a symptom that has many causes, such as some infectious diseases: colds, urinary tract infections, tuberculosis, traumatic infections. However, the increase in physiological body temperatures, such as strenuous exercise, premenstrual period and pregnancy, the high-temperature environment or hot water bath can make the body temperature slightly higher than usual. So what is the cause of fever after exercise? Let’s go to know it.

What’s the cause of fever after exercise?

  • Normal physiological phenomenon

After exercise, the body’s anabolism and catabolism will accelerate, so sweating will cause the body temperature to rise, which is a natural physiological phenomenon. Specifically, anabolism is to eat things, synthesize proteins and fat. Catabolism is to turn things that are eaten into energy, during which the heat is produced. Especially after strenuous exercise, blood flow is accelerated, local fat is burning, which will lead to low fever, and may cause dizziness, chest tightness, and other discomforts.fitness tracker ladies

The reason why the body feels uncomfortable is that while perspiration, some of the body’s inorganic salts and large amounts of water are lost along with the perspiration. In addition, When exercising, oxygen is inevitably insufficient, Thereby causing the body to produce lactic acid by anaerobic respiration, This is why we often feel very thirsty after the exercise. At this time, it is recommended to drink light saltwater or soda (to neutralize lactic acid).

  • Catch cold and fever after exercise

A cold after exercise may also cause a fever, especially people have lower immunity after strenuous exercise. If don’t wiped away the sweat in time, be blown by the wind, or take a cold bath, etc., many people will catch a cold after the exercise.

However, The main reason for fever is simply because you don’t have a nursing work after exercising. After sweating in winter, Please dry the sweat in time, and put on fresh clothes. If you can take a hot bath after the workout in winter, it’s better to do a foot soak in hot water every night.

Do not exercise excessively

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Exercise can speed up the metabolism in the body, However, The excessive exercise, the amount of zinc in the body will be greatly increased; While exercising, a lot of sweat also took away a certain amount of zinc, causing the body to suffer from zinc deficiency. Zinc is one of the important components of metalloenzymes in the body, which is closely related to the immune function of the human body. The loss of zinc will significantly reduce the immunity in the body.

After strenuous exercise, the immunity will continue to decrease for one hour, and after 24 hours, it will return to the original level, during which our immune system was extremely unbalanced. If we keep intense exercise for one hour every day, the immune system will always be in a disordered state, which is contrary to the immune balance we are pursuing.

How much exercise is appropriate?

fitness tracker digital watch To judge the level of exercise intensity that is suitable for you, you can do a test on a power bike or an active treadmill. The maximum heart rate achieved during the test, multiplied by 60%-85%, is the most suitable range of heart rate during normal exercise.

If you don’t do this test, you can also subtract 170 of your age. This value is the safe heart rate you are allowed to exercise.

What determines the intensity of exercise?

fitness tracker men and ladies The amount of exercise refers to the physiological load that the body can bear during exercise. The amount of exercise refers to the physiological load that the body can bear during exercise, which consists of two factors: exercise intensity and exercise time; Age, physical condition, sports, etc. are all factors that affect the amount of exercise. Therefore, adjusting the exercise time and intensity according to their own situation is the main way to determine the reasonable amount of exercise. Lintelek online store’s fitness trackers can measure the performance and intensity of exercise.

How long the exercise should be?

fitness tracker compatible with iphoneIn fact, we don’t need to do not need to exercise too much in a day unless you are a professional athlete. In general, the time for middle-aged and elderly people to exercise every time is preferably around 30 minutes, The young people’s exercise time can be a little longer, about 45 minutes – 1 hour is the best; not more than 2 hours at most, 4-6 times a week.