Lintelek ID115Plus Reviews From Amazon

fitness tracker or smart watch

Simple, easy to use, nice styling

It is Christmas month and this is one of the gifts I purchase for my mother. She loves to run around the walkways and carry her phone with her so she can record the number of steps.

Before handing this item to her which would fit her perfectly, I did some testing to see how it works.

First, I need to charge up the battery of the tracker. Instead of having a cord to charge up, I simply pull the watchband away, it has the connector to plug into any USB plugs to charge. AND IT ONLY TOOK 10 minutes TO REACH FULL CHARGE after delivery. Also, the battery lasts very long too, over these three days of trying the tracker, it only used like 20 % of the battery.
Second, I like how easy to use it is. Like I said, not only it would be easy to charge, it is also simple to use as well. All you need to do is download an app called VeryFitPro (which would link to health in apple apps) and it is an easy setup. As long as you have your blue tooth turned on, it would be connected to your phone all day.

Third, I love the styling and the different modes that it has. For little as 30+ bucks, it got enough functionality to me and I’m sure that my mom is going to be happy with this. I got the black color one for her and it looks modern and cool. It tracks footsteps, heartbeats, distance traveled, and calories( and many more in the apps that you can set up with ). It is great for people who love to do outdoor sports or morning exercise.

Anyways, it is great satisfaction so far and might buy one for me soon as well.

This is a super awesome fitness tracker

This is a super awesome fitness tracker. It is reasonably priced and has all the functions that you would need. It is easy to read and fits very comfortably. It does step and calorie tracking, heart rate, sleep tracking and it even has mail and phone call notifiers, camera, and music control as well as an alarm. It even reminds you when you need to get moving. It has a touchscreen which is very cool. The app is easy to set up and use and it interfaces with Apple Health if you are a user of that app. It even can map your movement, although I have not done that yet 🙂 I highly recommend this tracker for folks of all ages and fitness levels.