Lintelek ID115U Reviews from Amazon

waterproof activity tracker

This thing is amazing. If you’re not looking for an actual Fitbit …

This thing is amazing. If you’re not looking for an actual Fitbit and are just looking for the features the Fitbit provides (like steps, active minutes, sleep tracking, etc.,) and are not particular about the Fitbit BRAND itself and community stuff (like the stuff u can find on the app and other Fitbit members to meet) then I highly recommend this product to an alternative to the altar or some similar model!

I used to be a Fitbit fanatic but now all the new ones have these crazy features like remote music storage and GPS tracking and other things that jack up the price a ton so I don’t’ really care much for it anymore. But this tracker has everything I need, plus is waterproof, and gives text/phone alerts and has all the critical functions I’m looking for (steps, sleep tracking, calories, silent alarm, etc.) at like, 10% of the price tag.

Plus, the thing doesn’t even need a charging cable: the unit itself is a charger too! amazing. please buy this.


Purchased for wife who is very NONtech… no Cell phone. THIS WORKS OUT GREAT! Caution, it ONLY counts steps when out of the box. and if the time is not set correctly, it will reset the 24 hr step counter at a weird time. BUT easily used my Cell phone to get the app on my cell to set the watch time and to set daily step count goals. She gets a daily quiet buzz and picture of a Trophy when she reaches her daily goal. she is not a runner or jogger but this is a fantastic motivator for her to get in her steps and get the trophy EVERY day. I also established a 1-hour buzz to let her know if there has been no activity for an hour.

Once you get the knack of removing the top half of the band it is very easy to charge and replace the band. Easily gets 5 to 7 days between charging. Steps are counted by the movement of the arm so she quickly learned to carry the purse, etc. on the other arm so she gets the arm swing counted. 3 months use so far and all is perfect. A more expensive, more complicated tracker would not have been enjoyed this much.

I love that the Fitness Tracker has the date and time …

I love that the Fitness Tracker has the date and time on it which is good when I don’t have my cell phone on me and it also has a touch screen which makes it very easy to use.

I pulled the watchband off on both sides of the fitness tracker and I learned that the part that has the 4 gold stripes is the actual USB that gets plugged into a wall adapter. I had to use my own since it didn’t come with one which is okay because those are fairly inexpensive. I was totally impressed with how fast it charged. I put the watch band back on both sides of the fitness tracker and then turned it on. I like how it tracks my heart rate, and tracks the steps I take when walking, biking, hiking, running, etc…

There are other options (like an alarm clock, camera use, etc…) to use, but need to add the app and connect with my smartphone. I loved my Fitbit so I was excited that I found this and it does so much more than the standard one for a fraction of the cost. The pairing was very easy and I was good to go in a couple of minutes. I found up and down was easier to see, and everything was easy to read. This also has a couple of extras like a sedentary, call, and text alert. Overall this was very easy to use and works very well!