Lintelek ID130Plus HR Fitness Tracker Reviews

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Simple to use, well worth the cost, does everything it describes.

I was a little nervous because the bad reviews are really bad but I have had no problems. The fitness tracker does everything it says it is supposed to. It is easy to charge. I do not have a cable because you don’t need one silly people! you plug the device directly into a USB port. Another thing said they had problems with the app tracking sleep. something about sleep only registering from 12 am to 12 am. It does show up on the screen until your device syncs. Then once the sync is complete with the app, it shows you the sleep patterns.

I have already ordered another one for a family member. I refused to pay the expensive prices that the other trackers cost. I’m thinking this was well worth the money! I have had it now for about 2 weeks with no problems. I followed instructions right out of the box and plugged it into the USB. It says to do this for 10 minutes to “initialize the device” Maybe some of the people who gave it bad reviews did not do this step or could not get it to sync properly with their phone. Again I have had no problems and feel like it is very simple to use.

Easy to use, tracks steps and even sleep! So cool

I really love this. I never had a fitness monitor and found I was able to do it alone. It also links with your phone, and it’s really cool, because not only can you tell heart rate, number of steps… etc., but it even has a setting to track your sleep!! I tried it last night and saw I slept 7 hours. Of that 1.5 hours was a deep sleep, 5 was a light sleep and .5 was “awake sleep”.

I need to research more about sleep patterns to see how I rank!! There is also a take photo feature in the app. I still need to read more and play around with that. But the directions are simple to follow! Oh, and it was way less expensive than other fitness trackers! And you can set it to buzz/vibrate for various reasons. One being inactivity.

It works great, very accurate

It works great, very accurate. The fitness tracker also looks very sleek- pairs with any outfit. I love how it has my phone’s notifications and calls, very helpful for when I don’t have my phone near me. It is also waterproof, so I don’t have to take it off and put it back on whenever I shower. The tracker lasts around a week per charge, so I won’t have to worry about running out of battery in the middle of the day or having to charge it every night. It’s a great deal- similar to a Fitbit, but without the large price tag.

Love the SmartWatch IP67

It does all the things that I wanted it to do, including tracking steps, monitoring heart rate during the workout, and of course telling time. Many other reviewers seem to be frustrated by the inaccurate heart rate monitor, but I think the problem is that those reviewers may not be aware that the heart rate monitor in its normal state doesn’t track the heart rate continuously, but rather periodically.

To track heart rate continuously, the user needs to turn on the activity mode and start a run or cardio session. During the session, the heart rate monitor is activated the whole time and shows the real-time beat per minute. In other words, if the activity mode isn’t turned on while you exercise, the monitor may only show the last reading from 10 minutes ago before you start working out and you would think it is inaccurate. I only found out about this fact after playing with the vivosmart HR for a few days.

Once I sorted out how to use the heart rate monitor properly, I love it because it made my workout more effective as I can glance at my heart rate reading and know whether I am dogging it or pushing hard. I don’t know how useful it is to have data about sleep pattern, but the SmartWatch IP67 does track it and at least it is interesting to know which night I was staying up late or which night I got more than 8 hours of sleep. The SmartWatch IP67 is very light and comfortable. I have no complaint wearing it all day and night. I recommend this SmartWatch IP67!