5 Running Tips that You Don’t Know

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Modern people have gradually begun to have a sense of keeping fit and health, After some necessary work, everyone will leave some exercise time. The sport that most people like is jogging, The sport that most people like is jogging, which is superior to other sports in all aspects. Because running does not require equipment, and there is no need to worry about the place. It can relax and make our body stronger.

Although jogging is a sport that everyone is familiar with, there are many things that we need to pay attention to and understand during the running process. Otherwise, the sweat you pay will not necessarily be rewarded.

1. Replenish water before running

sports fitness tracker When running, the human body accelerates the evaporation of water, and when the water is consumed in a large amount, it will cause water shortage in the human body. At this time, it is recommended to drink some glucose or warm water, light salt water before exercise. Not only can you replenish moisture in advance, but it can also make your throat more comfortable during running. However, please don’t drink too much to increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, Because in the process of running, the blood that should help the gastrointestinal digestion of food will flow to the whole body, The stomach and intestine will complete the entire digestion process in isolation. Therefore, please drink water properly and avoid drinking too much.

2. Preparation for exercise cannot be ignored

fitness tracker ID 115Some people feel that exercise preparation is not necessary, Most of the time they will skip this step and start exercising. In fact, you need to fully prepare for the exercise before the exercise. This will be a good way to open our joints, When you exercise, you won’t strain our muscles and bones, and activate our body, let the body have a process of slowly moving into the active state. Only when you really open your wrists and joints can you exercise better.

3. Find your own rhythm and take control of it

activity tracker for running The purpose of our jogging is not to compete with someone, nor to race against time, We are just exercising the body and relaxing our body and mind. We should adjust and find our own speed according to our own abilities and conditions during jogging activities, This will allow us to better enjoy the wonderful feeling of sports and avoid the damage to the body, It also makes us stronger and makes our bodies and minds healthier.

4. Should we drink water after jogging?

activity tracker pedometer After jogging, we are generally sweating, Is it time to drink water at this time? If you say “YES”, then I must say that you have a wrong view. Drinking water directly after running will erase all the effects of your recent exercise. I believe many people don’t know the reason. When we are running, we will feel tired and in a state of hypoxia. That’s because something called “Lactic Acid” is produced in our body, which will make our muscles feel too tired to continue exercising.

When lactic acid is produced, we are eager to drink water that will wash away the lactic acid, which will flush out all the effects of our training. Drinking water after exercise can really make our body recover quickly, But the price is that all the results of our recent workout have been wiped off. Please remember to drink water after taking a break, which is even better.

5. Fitness tracker helps you to exercise more efficiently

fitness tracker band We can’t be too impatient when doing things, just take it easy. Running is as the same. Please don’t give up and stick to running, at this time, you need a fitness tracker to record your activity data, It will tell you the calories consumed, the mileage, activity duration, etc., which will help you to exercise more efficiently.

For those who love sports and fitness, heart rate is an important reference. Because the formula calculation by heart rate value can estimate the amount of exercise and exercise intensity of a person. Moreover, aerobic exercise in a certain heart rate interval can achieve a considerable fat burning effect.

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I hope this will be useful to you, enjoy yourself when running!